17 Common LTL Shipping Questions

Do you have questions about LTL shipping? Understanding basic shipping information helps to make a sometimes complicated process less overwhelming. Here are some frequently asked questions customers want to know when we work with them. What is LTL Shipping? Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipping is a mode of transportation for freight that would not fill a full […]

Supply Chain Strains – What’s Happening?

Freight shipping industries have entered their busiest month of the year in preparation for the holiday season, and national attention has turned to a series of interlocking supply chain problems set in motion by the pandemic in 2020. Ports are overwhelmed, once reliable goods are unavailable, and some orders are taking months to arrive. What’s […]

How does Real Time Tracking work?

In the less-than-truckload industry, the last mile is famously the most difficult. The efficiencies of the LTL process in aggregating and moving freight from many different senders through a network of trucks and warehouses are reversed. In the last mile, shipments are unbundled and sent to individual endpoints, with different delivery requirements, through a shifting […]