We seek to understand our clients’ needs and create solutions that exceed their logistical goals to help them gain a competitive edge over the competition. Expressit Logistics provides transportation and logistics solutions tailored specifically to your needs. More than being the perfect logistical fit, Expressit Logistics guarantees delivery on time or it’s FREE.

Who is a good fit for our services?

  • Companies with recurring, large loads for delivery
  • Companies requiring high-touch delivery where extra care is important
  • Customers who want real-time communication
  • Projects where custom delivery is important
  • Retail stores who need freight delivered before they open 6 or 7 days per week
  • Partnerships where logistics is an extension of your customer experience

Who is NOT a good fit?

  • One-time delivery
  • Don’t have a need for real-time communication
  • Reliability has to be good enough - not GREAT
  • If price is more important than the end-client’s experience
Real-time delivery
For as long as we can remember, logistics was all about whether or not you could deliver “on time.” That’s old school. Today, customers expect Real-Time.
Real-time communication
If there is traffic… if you want a text message before delivery… if you want to use the side loading dock… Just let us know! 
Real-time claims
We have so few, that if you happen to have a claim, just call.
Contact us or send a request and get a free quote for any shipment type!
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