How does Real Time Tracking work?

In the less-than-truckload industry, the last mile is famously the most difficult. The efficiencies of the LTL process in aggregating and moving freight from many different senders through a network of trucks and warehouses are reversed.  In the last mile, shipments are unbundled and sent to individual endpoints, with different delivery requirements, through a shifting…

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How to Avoid Shipping Delays

The global recovery following the early stages of the Pandemic has increased the demand for shipping. It has also disrupted supply chains, leaving many businesses in the uncomfortable position of trying to cope with irate customers whose deliveries were delayed. During the Pandemic, many consumers changed their purchasing behaviors because they were uncomfortable shopping in…

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How to Prepare and Palletize Shipments

three stakes of pallets

How to Prepare LTL Shipments Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipping depends on quickly and efficiently combining and recombining freight from different sources as it flows through a network of trucks and warehouses on its path to final delivery. Most often, this is accomplished by properly and efficiently assembling pallets of goods, which is why there are roughly…

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